Q. What is the best way to book my flight?

A.  Going online to sites like Travelocity, Expedia or similar sites to book your flight -

**SPECIAL NOTE:  Keep in mind that Flights that depart in the afternoon may ARRIVE in Paris on the following day!  So if your Tour begins on a Friday then you need to book your flight so that you depart on a Thursday afternoon or evening – you will arrive on the FOLLOWING day.

Q.   What is included in the Tour price?

A.   Complete land package including Hotels, Transportation, Museum and site fees, 2 meals per day (Breakfast and Dinners).

Q.  What is not included in the Tour price?

A.  Any individual charges to Hotel room by guest, including movies, alcoholic beverages or ancilaries.   Tips for the Bus Driver and waitstaff will be divided between tour members.

 Q.  When should i get my passport?

A.  You should apply for a Passport 4-6 months early.  Just to make sure you have it 90 days before your Tour.  However you can renew your passport by mail and have it back in just a few weeks.

Q.  How much money should i bring on the Tour and should i bring Euros instead of Dollars?

A.  You will only need money for extras, daily Lunches, Beverages outside of the tour such as Alcohol,  souveniers and any spending money you need on the trip.  You can convert your money to Euros (keep in mind the current exchange rate is about 1 dollar to 1.37 Euros.  So items will cost you about 37% more than in the U.S.  (Converting is easy at your bank, airport or any bank or exchange place in Europe and rates vary)

Q.    Will there be any Itinerary changes on the Tour?

A.  There is always a possibility of  minor Itinerary changes due to necessity, (like unforeseen  weather , closings, etc).  We do our absolute best to maintain the exact Itinerary we list on our Tour site, if at all possible, as we want out Travelers to have the best possible experience on their trip and try to give you that personal attention to detail.

Q.  Will there be any extra fees or charges for my Tour?

A.  Typically the only extra Charges are for the Gratuities for Hotel bell hops/ wait staff  for the Bus Driver.  ETO Tours will calculate gratuities based on the number of days of your Tour and the number of Travelers, so that it is evenly divided.   You can chose to be part of the group tipping (based on your share and we will charge you one amount for the entire Tour) Or you can opt out of the group tipping and chose to Tip individually for Hotel bell hops, wait staff and your driver.

Q.  What if I or someone I am traveling with have special medical conditions or challenges?

A.  We will try out best to accomodate your needs if possible. However, it cannot interfere with the welfare or comfort of the other Travelers on your Tour.  (i.e.,we cannot be expected to make extra stops or visit medical facilities (unless it is an emergency).    You MUST let us know any medical conditions before hand – as not everyone is able to do your Tour.