Hitlers Eagles Nest Tours

(This Tour is included in each of our 12 Day WWII Tours of Europe)

Hitlers Eagles Nest (Kehlsteinhaus) is located in the Bavarian Alps in southern Germany.  It was built by the Nazi Party as gift to Adolph Hitler for his 50th Birthday.  Ironically, Hitler was afraid of heights and only visited a few times.  Today the site is a tourist destination and restaurant.

Eagles Nest  was captured and used by the Allies as a military command post until 1960.

Fred B. Machol Story

In April of 1945 Major Fred Machol went to Berchtesgaden Germany where he learned about Hitlers Eagles Nest. The “Golden Elevator” which the Nazis had installed to take Dignitaries to the top was not working, since the electricity had been cut.  So Fred drove his jeep to the top of the mountain and toured the House.  The phrase “Kilroy was here” was plastered all over the walls of the Eagles Nest.

Hitlers Eagles Nest "Kehlsteinhaus"

Hitlers Eagles Nest