Joe Machol

Hello, my name is Joe Machol.

I am a proud son of World War II veteran Lieutenant Colonel Fred B. Machol who served in the European Theatre of Operations (ETO) from 1 March 1942 until 27 June 1945.

Since 2003, I have had the honor of traveling with my father to each of his war time military posts. The knowledge I gained means that I can offer you an authentic historic perspective of WWII ETO historic sites, monuments and museums.

Your WWII ETO Tour includes hotels, air-conditioned touring coach, museum admissions and breakfasts, plus the expertise of a guide with a thorough knowledge of WWII history.

With WWII ETO Tours you will embark on a great vacation, standing on very the sites where decades ago liberty-loving people marched before you securing freedom for the world.

Book today at and have a great time learning WWII history in authentic, historical settings.

Thank you,

Joe Machol
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