I want to thank you for organizing the most unbelievable trip for my family. As you know, I am not a lover of history, and had doubts about this WWII vacation tour. I AM NOW YOUR BIGGEST FAN! The experience was more than words can express. I appreciate that you personally added non-history sites for me and my family to visit as well! The personal touches along the tour were wonderful! You are very well known in this country, and so many restaurant owners welcomed us with open arms and catered to your tour group because of you! We were all so impressed that the tour group was invited to have dinner with a Doctor that you had previously met in Riems, France. He and his family had so many heart felt stories from WWII that we couldn’t have heard anywhere else! My children enjoyed the ride in his 1945 WWII jeep and are still talking about it! I spoke to other people on tours at many of the battleground sites, and each one of them commented that a smaller tour group like yours was ideal! Their large buses couldn’t go into some of the smaller towns because of the narrow streets, so they were not able to enjoy the celebrations on June 6th! Thank you for all the hours you put into organizing this tour and personalizing it for each and everyone of us! I am looking forward to touring with ETO again!

MHM, South Carolina


  “Wow what a GREAT Trip!   ETO Tours does a very good job, and made it such a wonderful Adventure and it was the Trip of a Lifetime with this Tour Company.  It was amazing getting to see so many Countries in Europe. We got to visit and tour many great WWII sites, but even if you don’t know a lot about WWII, its an Exciting and interesting trip and ETO Tours (owner Joe) knows EVERYTHING about WWII, he is a very knowledgeable Tour Guide.

I know there are a lot of Big Tour companies out there – but ETO Tours gives you so many extra options on the Tour and I really preferred being with a smaller Company - we had so much more freedom.  I saw a lot of those BIG Tour Companies with 50 -150 people on them and I was told by people in 2 of the BIG Tour groups, that they did NOT like being part of a big Group.  They said they were very unhappy being herded around like cattle, they had no choice on their dinners, and had to stay in big hotels far from the sites, and had no choices if they wanted to stay at one site a little longer or wanted to make a side trip.  But… With our smaller Tour Group we could ask to see something extra or stay somewhere longer and Joe (the Tour owner) was very accommodating - that made the Tour special to us – it was like being on your own Custom Tour for Group Tour prices!

Would love to go to Europe again with this Tour Company – Great job ETO Tours!!

Houston, TX


 Mr. Machol ,

I was writing to let you know we had the time of our life’s on your tour. The size of the tour was perfect ,you gave us a more personal and meaningful experience than if we would have book with a larger tour company, which would have treated us like cattle .Having Mr. Havey ,your WW2 decorated veteran on board made the trip even more special,it was a pleasure to meet and spend time with him. It was awesome to go to the battlefields in which he fought and listen to his first hand accounts of what it was like to be in combat in WW2. All the places we stayed and extra bonuses we got to do and see,made the trip more special than any larger tour company could provide. I know your dad would be proud that you are keeping history alive and honoring those that have served our great country. Thank you for a trip we will remember for the rest of our life’s.

Karl and Keri

The most wonderful tour, a trip of a lifetime.  So many great memories.   Joe has a passion for WWII History and is such a great story teller.

- Kathy Z.

Oh my!  It was breathtaking!  All the scenery and all the History.  What a marvelous Trip!!

- JoAnn S.

First time back in 69 Years.  Joe found the house that I earned the Silver Star in.  The Tour was first class and very accommodating and I definately want to return with ETO Tours.

-Birney Havey