WWII Pacific Tours

WWII Pacific Tours


USS Texas Battleship

The  USS Texas Battleship  BB35 was commissioned on March 12, 1914. Her first action was the “Tampico Incident” and she also made many missions in the North Sea during WWI.  During WWII in 1941, the Texas was crossing the Atlantic escorting convoys for the War effort.  Her first action in WWII was shelling the North African Coast against German held positions.  She also was part of the 5000 ship invasion fleet for Operation Overlord.

On D-Day June 6, 1944 she opened fire on Omaha Beach first and then later in the day she supported the 2nd Ranger Battalion by  firing at Point du Hoc.   Then she went back to support the floundering troops on Omaha Beach and near the town of Vierville.   On June 7th, the Texas aided the 2nd Ranger Battalion at Point du Hoc with provisions and ammunition.

Major Fred Machol saw the USS Texas off the coast of Cherbourg, France and also off the shores of Utah Beach in early July 1944.    In 1945  the USS Texas entered Pacific waters in the Pacific Theatre of Operations.   In February 1945, she headed to Iwo Jima and aided in the bombardment of the Island.   In late March of 1945 she was off the Island of Okinawa and began the bombardment of that Island.

She earned a total of 5 Battle Stars during her commission as a Navy Warship.  Currently, she is a Museum Tour ship located in the Port of Houston, Texas next to the San Jacinto Monument.

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